5 Elements to Create your Soul Sanctuary for the New Year


The Chinese New year is coming up in a few weeks and this is a great and auspicious time to look at your environment and begin clearing the way for New Energy to infuse your life with opportunities-  It will reap great rewards!!

Anchoring in on the Feeling……….

Imagine a warm, sensual and nurturing living space. How does it look and feel for you?

For me, it represents how I feel when I used to go home to visit my Mom . The sanctuary she designed and lived in made me feel inspired and comfortable. I felt at home within myself when I went home to visit. It also was the aroma – what she was cooking in the oven, her garden of fragrant herbs, the fresh flowers on the dining table and the scent of aromatherapy candles she always had lit. My mother was the queen of creating a nourishing oasis where you can exhale and relax while taking in the beauty of a sacred feminine environment.

The custom built ranch style home was decorated in a French country style – old pine cabinets that housed the collection of her world travels, Turkish rugs adding texture and pattern to the floors, original paintings adorned the walls of beautiful landscapes and florals. The color of the walls was a warm butter cream yellow that became the beautiful backdrop to all the unique pieces of furniture she found. I grew up in a home for the soul.

Some of us have had these type of beginnings in life, others of us may not have. Regardless there are sweet pieces of our past that can be woven into your sacred sanctuary now. It is essential that our living environment is a tapestry of all those things in life we hold dear and inspire us.

It is always a great idea to do a bit of self-reflection on the places in life that are ready for change. Most of us are in a process of growth and spiritual evolution. Our spaces must change as we do.

So ask yourself these questions and write your answers down in a notebook-

  •  What does your ideal environment look like?
  •  How does this living space make you feel?
  •  How does this compare to your current environment?

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Here are five ways to create your sacred soul sanctuary:



Essential at the beginning of the upcoming Chinese New Year. To create a truly nurturing space  and allow new opportunities to come into you life and business it  begins with cleaning and de-cluttering your environments.

Chances are you have at least one grocery bag full of items in each room of your house that you could be rid of. When was the last time you donated your gently used items to Goodwill. Have you considered selling some of your old books, electronics or CDs on Ebay?  Is there a neighbor who could use some of the items that no longer serve you?

Want to get a jump-start on cleaning up your space? Hire an organizational specialist to come and help you spring clean your home. Dust bunnies and refrigerator creatures be gone! Make a list of all of the areas you wish to be cleaned and make it happen. You can find a number of cleaning/organizing services online, ask a friend if they can recommend someone. What a treat!

Once you’ve cleaned up your living space you can begin an meaningful inventory of your belongings.



Let go of old clothing, dishes, linens and outdated decorations. Clean out folders and shred old documents to create more spaciousness. There is something rewarding about keeping only the items that you love and documents that you need. You can let go of all the rest. Take a minute to request electronic invoices for your credit cards, bank statements  and cell phone bills.

What can you let go of?  Do you really plan to keep all of your children’s grade school homework forever? If you can’t part with your children’s school work, choose a few items from each grade and store these special treasures in a safe place.  Will your Aunt Beverly be devastated if you give away the tea set you never use? My rule is that if something new comes in something old goes out.  I only buy items that I absolutely LOVE.

What would your sanctuary be like if it contained only items that were either highly functional or incredibly beautiful?



Now that you have eliminated most of the non-essential items from your living space, you can begin to personalize your environment. What is your favorite color? Do you have anything in your living space that is this color? I painted my space in a color that reminds me of the stones I used to collect in California- I felt I needed the earth element to ground me and Earth tones are very nurturing at the same time.

Is your environment filled with beautiful textures? What about your bedroom? Is the place you sleep, dream and make love an oasis or an eyesore? What might your sanctuary feel like with a high thread count sheets, a new duvet comforter and the absence of looking at a television set?

Is there a new way you can change lighting in your house? You can breathe new life into your kitchen by seeing this room as an extension of the rest of your soul sanctuary. It does not have to just look like a kitchen. I have a crystal chandelier above my bistro table that has a antique white tablecloth on it, and I display my collectibles I find at antique shows on the top shelf above the cabinets.

Can you see how could can improve the feel of your living space easily and creatively?  



Fresh flowers bring more beauty into any environment. I am graced by a purple spotted orchid on my desk. Another fun way to let nature in is to have some fun with your camera. Get outside and capture images of your favorite tree, flower or breathtaking sunset. You can easily enlarge and print your image, pop it in a frame and Voila! You’ve just brought something you love from nature into your personal space.



    Music and aromatherapy are perfect for staging the desired mood of an environment. Feel like dancing? What kind of music might you be listening to? Need to chill out and relax? Classical music or a new age playlist might be a good choice.

    You can also enhance your environment with scented candles, incense and essential oils.  Lavender is perfect for calming effect. Citrus will awaken your senses. I love burning the earthy and sacred scent of frankincense because it transports me to the churches in Italy I often visit when I am there.


These steps will help you become more clear about how you really want to feel in your own space, and Begin creating a nurturing sanctuary.

Once you visualize your space and how it feels, clean out what doesn’t add to that feeling. Get rid of the items that no longer serve you, and replace them with ones that create a nurturing space. Paint the walls with a color that makes your spirit feel good, add a sumptuous new pillow or blanket, and find a way to invite nature in with collections or landscape photography. Enliven these things together and create the desired mood with your favorite music or fragrances.


 I’d love to hear if you tried any of the steps and how you created your own personal oasis of a soul nurturing space. Be sure to comment below and let me know what you tried and how it made a difference. Do you feel more empowered with an inspiring space?

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