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5 Elements to Create your Soul Sanctuary for the New Year

The Chinese New year is coming up in a few weeks and this is a great and auspicious time to look at your environment and begin clearing the way for New Energy to infuse your life with opportunities-  It will reap great rewards!! Anchoring in on the Feeling………. Imagine a warm, sensual and nurturing living […]

Intentional Creativity – Bringing your intentions to life

The method of painting I teach is called Intentional Creativity, and it asks that you bring your souls story to the canvas and into the paint strokes. Layer by layer, color by color, a call and response begins with the canvas and what lies just beyond the physical realm into the mystical. We always begin […]

Creativity and your Genius: Tap Into Your Muse and Express Your Genius

Find your own personal muse today and embrace your creativity and imagination, where all things are possible, with unlimited potential to express your creative genius. Inspiration is an intangible yet inseparable part of the creative process. Nearly all creative possibilities are related to the muses that inspire us. The ancient Greeks believed that all creation, […]

Feeling Creatively Blocked? 5 Ways to Get Your Soul Fire Burning

1. Connect with a Community and Class Whatever your passion may be- writing, painting, making music, dancing. Go take a class with someone who inspires you by who they are being, Just the mere act of being in the presence of a master will get your creative juices flowing. The energy in the class will […]