Feeling Creatively Blocked? 5 Ways to Get Your Soul Fire Burning

1. Connect with a Community and Class

Whatever your passion may be- writing, painting, making music, dancing. Go take a class with someone who inspires you by who they are being, Just the mere act of being in the presence of a master will get your creative juices flowing. The energy in the class will infuse you with inspiration to go beyond your self-imposed limitations.

2. Set up a Dedicated Space in Your Home for Your Creative Muse

Claiming your sacred space to create at home is vital. The creative process requires a bit of solitude to tap into the inspiration within. Create a place in your home that honors that aspect of your being. Make it sacred, go there and infuse it with your energy, light a candle, put your favorite music on that uplifts your spirit and Create an intention- the energy will build and then POP you will have a genius idea.

3. Write/Journal Your Inner Critic’s Banter

It is important that you release the inner critic. The one that keeps telling you its not the time, you aren’t trained enough, who are you to be doing that, you won’t look good, ect ect… This self-sabotaging voice inside your head needs to be acknowledged by writing it all down, like you are throwing up on a page all the ways the ego holds you back to keep you small.

Learn Meditation to still the mind. It is a powerful practice that will support you being more connected to your Source and less to the inner critic.

4. Make Your Creative Self-Expression a Daily Practice

Build the energy of your soul fire by blocking out time daily to do something to inspire your creative muse. It can be things related to your passion- looking at an art book, a great movie, listening to music that you want to make, taking a dance class, writing in your artists way journal. Keeping yourself connected each day to a creative act will continue to give your muse the food for her soul that allows the birth of great works to emerge.

5. FREEDOM – Get Truthful with Yourself and Make New Conscious Choices

Are you in a career that your heart is no longer aligned with? Or a relationship that you outgrew? The places in life that are out of alignment with our souls purpose, or hearts desires will take energy away from your creative spirit unleashing itself in full glory.

It may be time to create more freedom in your life to be who you were meant to be. Often times we stay much longer in situations that are not supportive of our true nature out of fear and insecurity.
Creativity needs Freedom to be fully able to express.

What new choices can and will you make to begin living more of your ideal life?