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Art is to Create

WE ARE BORN CREATORS at birth, and when we are engaged in using our creative gifts fully in our Life – Purpose, Flow and Prosperity will naturally happen.

When we tap into the inspiration and creativity within us and apply it to whatever passion we have, it will expand and generate so much abundance and fulfillment it is unimaginable. You will be living a Life in natural order with the universe – A Life as Art…

YES You can be an Artist, and Live a very prosperous life! It only takes a decision and the commitment to Live a creative life with a daily practice.

I INVITE YOU to explore your Muse of Inspiration here with me – writing, painting, dreaming, and collaging your life into an amazing new reality. I promise you this creative process of using Intentional Creativity and having a Creativity Coach in your corner to support your success will set your spirit free. Together we will give your vision a voice aand a stage to be expressed throughout a Life of Art.


Welcome to your Creative Home

YOU have finally discovered a place for your Creative Awakening and ongoing support. Your heart and soul can rest and breathe in a renewed energy. You know deep in your heart that your true creative evolution will only unfold in an environment that nurtures your talent and vision. There are no accidents, your time is Now … Step in and let the magic begin! I see you, and you are not alone anymore, we are all in this journey together.

As your Creativity Coach and Mentor, I will support you in Becoming Visible in the world and Living your life by prospering from your talent as an Artist, Writer or Musician.


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Latest News

What a great experience! I have never painted faces before and today with our skillful and enthusiastic teacher, Elyse, I accomplished what I thought would be so difficult to do! Her class is insightful and mystical and gave me a lot of confidence to continue with my art.

Christina Dalcume
  • Creativity Coaching

    I offer a 3 Month VIP Program designed specifically for you to bring your talent as a Painter into the next level and let you become visible in the Art World.

  • The Awakened Woman Journey

    I invite you the weekend Awakened Woman VIP Artist’s Retreat. Feel. Heal. Unleash. Dance. Paint. Be Free.

  • Soul Portraits

    The Soul Portrait is a visual mystical evocation of your divine feminine soul. Each portrait has a unique, intricate and special story to tell.

  • Live Classes

    We get to reclaim lost parts, and release the limiting beliefs we have allowed to run our lives holding us back from living our ideal life.

P: 305.490.0910


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