Elyse_Marie_Photo2Elyse M Santoro

“I am a visionary artist who creates and loves beauty. My eye is trained to see every detail in everything, and seek out those elements that inspire and catalyze a sensual experience in the viewer.”

I am called to help others awaken to their own creative mastery so that the artists, writers and musicians of the world will be the leaders that continue to help usher in the shift we are undergoing in consciousness now.

I believe that the Arts are both a vehicle for healing and awakening. I have experienced my own profound transformation in life every time I have immersed myself in a creative act-

Painting, writing, and designing sacred spaces are my passion. These gifts I was born with have helped me know and live my purpose. – and helped me prosper throughout my life.

I am a catalyst for Creative awakening and I live to create beauty all around me no matter where I am.

logoAll my life I have been intensely attracted to painting and artists, mostly helping others emerge as powerful creators. I have painted on and off since I was 6 years old, in school, then as a decorative painter in my mid years, and now coming home to my true authentic self as a painter and teacher of a powerful method of Soul expression called Intentional Creativity. I am a graduate of this profound method of healing and awakening the artist within which was founded by the late Sue Hoya Sellars and Shiloh Sophia McCloud and is a global community of women committed to helping others do their soul work thru painting

Painting for me is an experience where you live completely in the present moment and open your heart to channel energy from the “source” God, and in this zone of being One with the unlimited field of pure potentiality my intentions are revealed on the canvas in form and color.

My Paintbrushes are my magic wands, the paint and colors are my medium to convey a message to the viewer- I am able to transfer the energy of my heart and soul into my paintings, making them windows for the viewer to see something in themselves.

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