BECOMING VISIBLE – Creativity Coaching: Mentoring for Artists


If you can relate to any of these questions, you may need a Creativity Coach as your Partner.

  • I have so many ideas, I don’t know where to begin. I feel stuck.
  • I know I’m talented but I’m not painting
  • If only I could connect to the right people who would buy my work
  • I am depressed because I am not expressing my creative voice and vision
  • I never finish anything
  • I can’t find the time to devote to my creative passions


I offer a 3 Month VIP Program designed specifically for you to bring your talent as a Painter into the next level of Artistic Evolution. With a flexible structure, productive accountability, and renewing experiences, I will keep you inspired and make your Life as an Artist a reality. Every artist is different – what holds you back from your potential and what sets your Creative Spirit Free is unique to you. As your Creativity Coach & Mentor, I will customize a journey based on your creative needs. Let me help unlock your Life as an Artist!

Perhaps you are creatively stuck and need inspiration to being painting again? Or are you ready to create a presence in the art world and need direction and support to break out of the shadows?

This powerful program is designed as a catalyst to get you Visible as an Artist and launch you into the World of Art.

I am a Muse and will help inspire you to unlock your highest creative potential. Instead of staring at that room that could be your studio or disappointed you can’t get our of your creative rut, let me guide you along a tailored VIP pathway to unleashing your creativity. We will find what drives you as a Creative Soul and uncover the key to living a prosperous and fulfilling life as an Painter. Imagine  inviting friends to your next gallery showing and being the inspiration to others by living the Life you already know you were born to live.


CONTACT ME FOR A COMPLIMENTARY CONVERSATION so we can discuss if Creativity Coaching is the right step in your personal journey to evolve as an artist.