Intentional Creativity – Bringing your intentions to life

The method of painting I teach is called Intentional Creativity, and it asks that you bring your souls story to the canvas and into the paint strokes. Layer by layer, color by color, a call and response begins with the canvas and what lies just beyond the physical realm into the mystical.

We always begin a painting with a theme and a specific intention. Then each step is a revelation in both consciousness and in design that creates the breakthrough- the awareness, the solution the evolution of your soul in the moment the story that has limited you in some way possibly unknown to you becomes free.

HighResMusex800pxThe action becomes the act of creating and is driven from another place within us that we all have – the desire to express ourselves, to be seen and heard and loved, to belong to ourselves and to each other.

When we create we are often creating from this place whether we know it or not. The choice to create with intention focuses our attention on that one thing that is ready to be revealed to us. We access and employ memory and longing but we don’t have to dominate the breakthrough – it happens organically.. This is being in the flow and ALLOWING what is to be – be – It teaches you how this energy is always present and able to support your unfolding.

Layer by layer new space is created. Once the story is transferred to canvas it lives inside of us differently – the way it used to operate is now dis-lodged and we can consciously choose what to do to work with the space we have now cleared up inside of our internal story pattern.

Connecting your intention is like finding a clear signal on a radio that is tuned to a specific frequency that opens channels to the subconscious and unconscious that we are ready to deal with. The layers of consciousness then yield up into the creative process that which needs to be worked with next.

What is fascinating is that creating art is always good for us – but whether or not it is truly healing (because our brain and body choose to engage in that healing process), is through one specific thing…

Our choice to engage ourselves in a conscious act of creating, instead of just creating. Many artists don’t experience their art as healing, although many would call it cathartic or lifesaving. Still, the capacity to use it as a tool to know oneself is dependent on one’s intention to do so – that is why we call it intentional creativity.

Consciously choose what to do to work with the space we have now cleared up inside of our internal story pattern.

My own story with Intentional Creativity began less than a year ago, with a much needed art retreat weekend in NYC called Taboo. Painting those things we never talk about to set ourselves free

It was here in a beautiful Loft in little Italy That I returned Home to myself in so many ways. Shiloh Sophia McCloud – Founder of the Color of Woman School is an amazing artist and teacher. It was her inspiration and commitment to have women step into their creative power that led me to enroll in her Teacher training course to become certified to teach this method. I am honored now to be doing this, and watching the women’s lives transform that paint with me.

First off I was born in New York City and Italian. We were situated right in the heart of Little Italy, I could see Ferrari’s bakery right out my window.

In the retreat we wrote about what our bodies had to say to us, what Love meant good and bad, who God was, and what being creative meant to us.

It was illuminating to see and paint these short stories on canvas that revealed my beliefs regarding hose subjects.

After that weekend in New York City my life was not the same.

I came back to life in a way I had been longing for. A passion for color and painting emerged in me during the experience. I came back home with my Soul Fire Burning,and an excitement about being able to continue painting because I had found my tribe.

Now here is South Florida I welcome you to step into your Creative Soul and paint with us. It is an experience like no other when you pour yourself onto the canvas thru writing and painting the Feminine image. Your muse will speak to you in the process to reveal the stories ready to be released in the form of a beautiful work of Art that is YOU!