What is Intentional Creativity?

Intentional Creativity Workshops are gatherings where women who are committed to their Spiritual Evolution embrace being the authors of their own life.

We come together to engage in the process of transformative Art and Writing as a Sacred Journey of self-expression, exploration, healing and joy.

We use mixed media such as paint, poetry, journaling and inquiry during the workshops to experience real internal shifts based on the science of quantum creativity, intentionality, ancient feminine wisdom and much more!


It is about gathering in community to support our self-mastery as powerful leaders and bring our Soul’s Purpose and Heart’s Desires out into the pages of our life.

The Awakening that is experienced through the Intentional Creativity process I teach is a path to witness the inner world of our authentic self.

We get to reclaim lost parts, and release the limiting beliefs we have allowed to run our lives. Thru the awakening and reconnection to our inner MUSE we can free ourselves to feel transparent and radiant, young and inspired in life again.

This is a priceless gift we can give ourselves, a blissful fulfilling life creatively self-expressed as we inspire others to do the same.