The Soul Portrait is a visual mystical evocation of your divine feminine soul. Each portrait has a unique, intricate and special story to tell. It is a deeply empowering piece of artistic and insightful energetic signature of your inner spirit.

This empowering creative process was inspired by a combination of the sacred energy that always came thru as I painted and my quest to invoke and awaken the innate healing and creative abilities in others.

As an intuitive and creative artist I connect to the essence of your inner self and assist you in co creating and transforming your energetic signature into a visual work of art that holds the energy of your healing and creative abilities. Through the intuitive work I do, your inner self shares a series of messages/colors/images with me that creates a story, a song, a poem and these continue to be revealed to me during the entire process from which your energy portrait is created.

soulportraitThis is a co-creative process. I will talk with you and meditate on you. Asking you to create an intention statement that awakens the creative story within you.

This intention, as you reveal it to me, will be written on the canvas under your soul portrait in a ceremony that blesses and sends this intention into the field.

This soul- portrait is a gift from your inner goddess to you as she brings in the image of whatever she wants you to see and know about. The energetic vibration of the picture as it hangs in your physical space will assist you in transforming and manifesting this intent consciously and deliberately, bringing forth-intentional creative and healing abilities innately present within your sacred essence.

As you move to a higher vibration of love, compassion and awareness, it is my intention to support you through the process to awaken, connect and raise the frequency in your energy body as you unfold like a rose into your most radiant self.

Scheduling and Commissioning:

The initial consultation session is available in person/skype for people in the Miami area and over skype/phone for others. From there on I will work on your soul portrait and be in communication with you on the commissioning. The minimum size of the canvas would be 16”x20”. This can get as big as you want it to be. Prices start at $450-on up depending on the size.